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How To Stay Fully Focused On Your Goals

How to Stay Fully Focused On Your Goals

Do you struggle with attainment your goals? The actuality is that most people do struggle. When you set goals for yourself, you undoubtedly have the very best of intentions but further it breaks down.  As it’s not always easy to continue with your goal for long time. Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days as Zig Ziglar said. We have 24 hour a day for our goal and our daily needs, now only we have to manage the time. However, there is something that you may fail to account in your goal planning i.e. life itself. When we decide to take the necessary actions and make planning to that, daily routine gets in the way and you are unable to remain focused on your goal.  If you cannot remain focused you will lose your goal, as well said that “life never give the second chance to win the same”. This soon leads to a loss of confidence and motivation. You want to prosper with your goals and realize the benefits that come with making successful and important changes in your life.

There are 6 very dominating approaches that you can employ to help you retain your focus on your goal. Employ one or many, it’s completely up to you. But make a plan and focus to that plan. Not losing focus on your goals will be much easier if you do.


#1. Write Out Your Goal 

While moving toward our goal you have specific, measurable, attainable, time bound and relevant. These parameter will help you to come to know how much progress you have done to achieve your goal. A specific goal will usually answer the five W’s (What, Why, Who, Where, Which). Writing specific objectives fleshes out your goal so you can easily classify what you want to achieve. Our goal should not to fly like a bird by jumping off without parachute. It should be relevant, if your goal doesn’t mean anything then it isn’t worth pursuing. If we do not have any time limit for achieving our goal we spend a lot of time. We always use the SMART goal approach (Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound).


#2. Make Your Vision Board

Vision board is that which represent your goals and dreams. It will helps you to visualize your end goals more visibly. You can divide your board into three lists: things to do today, things to do the tomorrow, and things to do that week. If you complete the tasks for that day and have time left over, you can move on the next tasks. This will help you to manage your routine and make ease to achieve your goal. If you make this plan and overlook it 4-5 times in a day then you may remain focused to your goal, it will reminds you every time for task you have planned.


#3. Manage your time according to breaks

Time management is one of the most effective to achieve our goal. If we have proper time management then you can achieve your goal, with the help of time management you have a schedule to work and for other activities. Become an effective manager of your time to follow the time table.


#4. Develop Milestones toward Your Goal

Creating milestones to your goal will help you to move towards your goal without losing your focus. Example, you can set your weekly and monthly milestones which will also help you to show your performance of the week or month.  It’ll help you continue on track as you reach for that long-term goal. You simply divide the goal on different parts and give each of them a desired time. It will help you to move forward rather than holding you back.


#5. Exercise and Meditate

A common thread between a great minds is exercise and meditate. It will improve your memory and also help you to focus on your goal. It will take 1 hour a day which makes your mind fit and healthy, it makes your mind quiet. With this you have more creative ideas instead of relentlessly chasing it.


#6. Remove all your Distractions

Mostly you have a lot of things around, which will distract or divert your mind and removes our continuity to focus on our goal. We have to remove all this things which are becoming as barrier for your goal. Example, TV, mobile phones, the party next door. They all are distracting you and always attract, you have to make control over them.

When you have a plan to stay dedicated, and you can anticipate those time-wasters and things that tend to veer you off track, it’s far easier to get things done. When you don’t, we all know how easy it is to just forget about our goals for yet another day.

“Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Focus on your character, not your reputation.
Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.”