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Quality Projects

What it means : We would be agreeing to accept your projects when we would believe that we can hand over areal quality product as per your need with 2.1, B or 60+ quality assignments. We are the team of qualified researchers and writer best in the industry. We recruit M.A, MSc or PhD writers who has been graduated with a minimum 2.1. Grade (or equivalent) in the respective subject area. Our major job is to review each assignment before sending, as our intention is to create the best assignment, which you expect.

Money Back And Refunds

What it means : If you are unhappy with our service, if you fail or get a lower grade then you may be permitted to a discount or refund. We are in the market to serve you with our best efforts and intelligence for our clients. For more information, click here to read our Money Back and Refunds Policy.

Best Quality Work Always

What it means : We provide best quality assignmentbest quality assignment and never compromise with quality and do not ask cheaper price for the grade which the substandard elemental. We assure you the sky-high standard by which you can compete and can easily grow your career.How we ensure this works:We are responsible to run every project through a series of internal quality checks to maintain the accuracy. For additional information, you may read our Order Process.

Random Act Of Kindness

What it means : We could proofread a work you wrote yourself, absorb the extra writer costs on a mistake you made, or assist you in writing a personal statement FREE of charge.

How we ensure this works : Our main aim here is to make sure every student graduates with as little stress as possible. If this means we have to go the extra mile to assist you on little things, then so be it.

Unlimited Amendments

What it means : Unlimited amendments options are there to serve every client and to make them delighted with the final product.

How we ensure this works : Our researchers and writers are always ready to produce quality assignments that you can meet the highest access in academics and the researchers knows better to handle the amendment work.

No Plagiarism, Ever

What it means : We are strictly against of plagiarized or any copied content from help4assignment. The assignment which we would hand over it s really authentic and it has to be made just for your purpose.

How we ensure this works : We are handling strictly to protect plagiarism with the latest plagiarism detection software which is used by most universities in U.K. We would entertain your views regarding plagiarism and if you ask for the plagiarism report we can submit instantly as per your requirement. Before submitting the project each work would be checked and scanned internally.

Always On Time

What it means : Your work would be delivered in proper time. We assure to deliver your work on or before your agreed deadline.

How we ensure this works : Our writers are competent to submit the assignment on or before the deadline. We send the writers the notifications before hand and ask for the before submission as per your project dead line.

Pay Only A Deposit And In Instalments

What it means : You can choose for the payment mode and you can deposit half of the full payment for your first project and we deliver it as per your wish, if the project is lengthy.

How we ensure this works : Flexible instalment system is there that allows you to choose the structure your payment and no extra cost. We accept 50% deposit for generating the orders and you are having option to pay in instalments until the completion of your work.

Proof Of Our Capabilities

What it means : We accept a clincher if you are requesting for the essay or dissertation. The outlines are about what we understand about your topic and how our consultancy services working.

How we ensure this works : Clinchers are about a one page proposal, it is free of charge for you.

Only Relevant Writers

What it means : The order we offer those writers who are academically strong and qualified in research and writing and who can guarantee 2.1. Standard assistance.

How we ensure this works : We prefer qualified writers with a degree in that specific subject and relevant qualification to handle your work.

Absolute Discretion

What it means : We are aware of completely that customers need privacy and we maintain it at all cost.

How we ensure this works : We are completely against to disclose your privacy or divulging your information. If you have references about your friends, then we will never pass on or sell any personal information.

Referral Reward

What it means : In case of referral, 1,000 words free £30 for referrals.

How we ensure this works : If you are referring your friends for assignment, if he is ordering us, you can claim 1000 words off from your next order or £30 in cash and the referred client is also able to get 5% discount on your first project and the assurance is that the details are never passed on.


What it means : We can meet up with you in London if you need to pass on information to the writer, or need to meet a member of our team to confirm our legitimacy or enquire further about how we work.

How we ensure this works : For further information, please see the contact section of the help4assignment website.