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Refunds Policy

Our clients can ask for the refund on the following grounds- if we miss deadline, if our customer is not satisfied with our quality of work, the services are not adequate for them and for the cancellation of the order. Use of these grounds are explained here-

Deadlines are missed

If our company miss the deadlines of any project under 5,000 words and customers didn't agree to postpone the deadlines then 15% discount voucher will be given for each day that gets missed. For the projects over 5,000 then a 10% discount voucher will be given for each day that gets missed. The client gets full amount pay back if the deadline missed more than 3 days for the work under 5,000 words and 5 days over 5,000 words. If deadline missed by us client will get the money back but if the reason is itself client then we wound not offer any discounts.

Reason for quality

Clients will be given 10% discount if the writer wouldn't fix a problem more than 3 times. Same percentage of discount will be given if the work grade became C (50-59%). 15% discount if the client is unhappy with the work but client has to mention the reasons which could be justified. 20% discount if the result come back as D (40-49%) grade. 30% refund if recent project get a grade D (40-49%). 70% refund if you fail in the assignment or we will write whole assignment again or if student ask then we can write a new assignment with the similar word count.


If the client did not like our project and unhappy with our service then they ask for a refund as discretionary discount. Here the client has to mention proper reason about their displeasure. Our team will review the provided reasons and if it justify the refund then we will pay back our clients accordingly.


Once the client has paid for the order then we may not cancel the order because order confirmation reflects that order has been started. If we have completed half of the project and student wants to stop it, in that case we can adjust half of paid amount in next order. The company can cancel your order on the following events if

  • There are not an adequate no writers for clients order.
  • The quality of order cannot meet the client's expectation.
  • For insufficient time to complete the order.

Refunds maybe paid back by cash to client's bank, pay pal or credit card. Some universities have a cut of marks like 60 as 50 marks. If the client want a refund so they have to prove that the marks was provided by the university is consider as fail. Full refund will be given if company couldn't grant the deadline extensions.