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Proven Ways To Improve Your Memory

Proven Ways to Improve Your Memory

There are ton of people struggling with memorizing matters in many different ways. Perhaps, you’re always forget, last time where you put your keys or wallet, or to pick up the important stuff on your way home or you slipped some key points while writing examination papers.

Every day, there are lots of going in your mind, new cells grow, few cells forms and change. In simply words- our mind is continuously changing. So that all our regular activities influences, on how healthy our brain works. In this article we will discuss some tactics that actually helps to improve your memory.

1.       Follow a perfect diet plan

Now a days, numerous supplements available in the market that promise to improve memory effectively, but no one work well and very few supplement are tested by laboratories. Hence, to follow a natural diet plan is better rather than using these supplements.

Eating the right food can keep your brain actively for long life. Get started with following including these ingredients in your dieting:

  • Include spinach, green tea, black coffee, broccoli, avocado, cucumber, rich green vegetable salads, eggs, meats in your daily diet, that enhance the production of new cells.
  • Follow a low carb diet, high in fat and protein known as ketogenic diet, is very helpful meal plan for memory improvement.
  • Eat 5-6 small meal plan instead of 3 high diet, also helps to raise the memory power.
  • Avoid unhealthy, junk foods like pizza, burger, noodles, instant food because they harm our brain in many ways and contains numerous disease like heart disease, low memory, cancer, diabetes and so forth.

2.       Follow up these brain exercise

As our body needs physical exercises to stay fit, our brain also required some brainy exercises to work fluently, as well. Study shows that challenge your brain with new, surprising ways improves your memory much faster. Play some brain related games that breaks your old boring routine and boost you to do new things.

No matter how amazing activity you choose, if you already know about it, it will not become a good brainy exercise. Think of something new you’ve always wanted to learn, like learning a new language, or any activity such as swimming, singing, playing drum. The exercise should be challenging that needs extra mental strength.

Always remember as much as you give challenges to brain, as faster it will improve your memory.

3.       Quality Sleep

A good sleep, will rise your memory, creativity and skills. Getting a proper sleep is good for your health and psychological well-being too. Research says, every person should take at least 7 hour sleep in a night. This will cause to boost up your memory.

4.       Physical fitness

Exercise or aerobics are the most important thing to keep your body in shape, mind fit and stress out. They increase the production of cells in your brain. Try to make 20-30 minutes, in a day and do regularly. They also increase the blood flow from brain to heart, that raise the sum of oxygen your brain takes.


Start following these activities today and keep your memory sharp for longer.