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Stop Defending Your Failures

Are you afraid of failure?

Is that what stops you from living the life of your dreams?

If your answer is “yes” than you really need to understand the nature of failure. Failure is your best friend. The best lesson’s we’ve learned, in our life come from failures. Success is a poor teacher. We learn the most about ourselves when we fail. Don’t be afraid of failing, because failing is part of the route of success. You can’t have success without failure. Unsuccessful people are people who never fail.

Failure makes us strong.

Failure makes us wiser.

Failure gets us closer to our dreams. This is your best teacher. The true character of a man is revealed at hard times. Failure will shape and polish your character.

When you stay at your place without taking any risks, you cannot live a worthy life. You will be limiting your potential and sabotaging your future. To succeed you must learn the lessons that life throws on your way and develop yourself to deserve the kind of success you want. Without exposing yourself to life and without being courageous enough, you will live a mediocre life.

Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen if I failed?” Will you still be living?

If yes then going after dreams is the best choice you can make. Be an adventure. Be bold. Take action and face your fears. When you are confronted with a big failure, take a stand and defend your dream. When you fall down, stand up again.

Learn the lesson and continue building your extraordinary life. Life can be lived only once. There is no time to waste. Start today pursuing your dreams. You’re here for a great purpose. Find it, and then live it. Act without fear and follow the purpose you are here to fulfill. That time, you will be worth living. Most of us take the word courage as being strong and brave. Someone who will go into the midst of the most dangerous and difficult situation and win. Still there is another kind of courage that without it, we would never become the person, we want to be. That is the courage to face failures. Failure is not usually associated with success or courage. Yet, without failure there would be no true success.

Failure can elicit at least two responses from us; one is we can become defensive and start making excuses. This seems to be the easiest way we react on failure. In fact, this is what Adam did in the Garden of Eden. “The women you gave me”, was his response to god. So many of us, are like Adam, who ready to blame Destiny and other people. For the next time, when someone accuses you of failing them or messing up, try to examine your first response. This will probably be one of defensiveness that leads to blame. If it is, take heart, for we identified one of the things that will keep us in the failure mode.

Discovering and identifying the problem is the first step of success. Now that we know that we are the kind that defends and make excuses we can begin to find the biblical way to respond to failure. Finding, the courage to face our failures, will lead us down the path of humility. True humility can lead to grace, and grace is what we must have to be an over comer